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Teach Yourself Piano

teach yourself piano

Can You Teach Yourself Piano?


Thanks to the Internet, today more than ever it’s possible to teach yourself piano. However, your piano learning experience could encounter many frustrations and regrets if you don’t use the right approach. The purpose of this article is to save you time, effort, increase your chances of success, and help you keep up with your piano playing.

With regard to beginner piano lessons, there are plenty of resources available especially online. To avoid confusions you need to take the time to determine your needs, and finding the learning program best suited for you. Below are some guidelines before you begin to teach yourself piano:

Teach Yourself Piano Guidelines

Focus On Your Strengths – Do you need a method or guide to learn, or is it easier for you to play by ear? Each person has inborn skills and different personality, so you should look for a system created with those characteristics in mind.

Read Other People’s Reviews – Before you spend any money on methods to teach yourself piano, read other people’s opinions about a particular learning program before you buy it. Every company claims their product is the best, but what you want is results.

Determine Your Skill Level – Some programs target specific levels, while others have progressive training materials. There are programs suited for children, while others are better for adults. Since you´re going to teach yourself piano, make sure you select a program tailored to your particular age, skill level, and provides good customer support.

Select the Best Media for You – Today you have plenty of media to choose from such as online videos, DVDs or piano software so you can learn from your laptop placed on top of your piano. Some beginner piano lessons teach you using games and this makes learning more enjoyable.

When you teach yourself piano, you have many advantages. You can learn in the comfort of your own home, practice whenever you want and at your own pace. You save on teacher’s fees and you don’t have to travel back and forth for your lessons. You don’t have to worry about canceling and rescheduling lessons.

In order to succeed and see satisfactory results, you need to commit yourself to practicing. I recommend setting a practice schedule that you can follow. Of course, sometimes your daily activities won’t allow you to keep your schedule, but for the most part you should stick to it. The best way to establish a new habit is by doing it at the same time; otherwise you’ll forget and procrastinate.

In a nutshell, choosing the most appropriate piano program for you and practicing regularly will give you the best results possible if you really want to teach yourself piano.