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Piano Lesson Books

piano lesson books

Choosing Piano Lesson Books


Learning with the help of piano lesson books is a great alternative when you have a tight budget and can´t afford private lessons. In order to teach yourself how to play the piano successfully, you need the proper materials to cover the necessary piano basics and gradually increase your knowledge and skills. Starting out with the wrong book will result in a waste of time, money and unnecessary frustrations.

Piano Lesson Books Guide:

a) Select a piano method appropriate for your age. There are children’s books for specific age groups, and adult books.

b) Select a book targeted for your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced. Most methods include more than one book for each level.

c) Preferably, choose a book that covers the essentials of music theory, such as note values, symbols, etc. Otherwise, get a book that specifically covers these piano basics.

d) Among your piano lesson books, you should include a song book. Songs are the fun part of your learning process, and they also provide an incentive to keep learning. Get a book with songs you like and suited for your level.

e) You may also want to get a book with finger exercises and technique, and another one that focuses on chords. There are also workbooks that help you reinforce many piano skills.

Personally, I recommend you take a look at the Alfred Book Series or the Hal Leonard Series. These books are very well organized, comprehensive and easy to follow. I’ve used them with many of my students and you’ll get great results too. They cover different learning levels and areas of music skills.

If you really want to benefit from these piano lesson books, you need to be organized, constant and patient. Music is a discipline and as such, it requires commitment on your part. Learn slowly but surely making sure you understand each step. You also need to have some kind of practice schedule, with some flexibility of course. Above all, be patient and realistic, taking into account your age and natural skills.

Once you have learned a good amount of skills from these piano lesson books, or you have reached a plateau, you should consult with a piano teacher. You could be developing some bad habits that you’re not aware of, so the sooner someone points them out, the easier it will be to correct them. You can arrange to have a private lesson with a teacher once every two or three months, so he/she can keep you on the right track.

The Internet is a great resource to clear up any doubts you may have. If you get stuck, go over the material again or search for information online. There are plenty of videos, information and resources to help you with any problems. Another option could be learning how to play piano on computer. Learning any musical instrument requires dedication, but the rewards and satisfaction you get are worth the effort. Getting the right piano lesson books makes the whole process easier.