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Learn Music Notes Fast

learn music notes

How To Learn Music Notes Fast


When you learn music notes well, playing new pieces becomes a lot easier and faster. Becoming familiar with the music notes will take you some time. However, would you rather spend most of your time improving the sound of your pieces, or figuring out what the notes are?

In order to learn music notes, you need a step-by-step process. The purpose of this article is to give you a general guideline to develop your music-reading skills. Below are the basic steps to follow:

Steps To Learn Music Notes Fast

a) Learn the notes on the treble and bass clefs. Beginners: start with 5 notes at a time for each hand (middle C to G). Then the next five notes, and so on, up to 2 octaves. Intermediate: learn one octave at a time, up to 4 octaves above middle C. You can use note speller books and/or flashcards.

b) Learn the note values. Beginners: learn basic values from whole through eighth notes and equivalent rests. Intermediate: Learn sixteenth and triplet notes and equivalent rests.

c) Learn the basic time signatures. Beginners: learn 4/4, 3/4 signatures. Intermediate: Learn 2/4 and 6/8 or similar variation signatures.

d) Learn scales/keys and key signatures (♭,♮, ♯). Beginners: learn the C, F and Bb keys. Intermediate: learn also the G, D, and Eb keys.

e) Learn different rhythm patterns. This is essential to learn music notes well. Beginners: learn a combination of rhythmic patterns from whole through eighth notes and equivalent rests. Intermediate: learn rhythmic patterns including sixteenth notes and triplets and equivalent rests.

learn music notes

f) Practice each hand separately first. Reaching a satisfactory coordination level is one of the toughest obstacles you’ll encounter when starting to learn music notes. To avoid frustration, play the right hand a few times, and then the left. Once you know each hand well, then you can combine the two.

g) Use the method best suited for you. There are many media resources at your disposal such as online videos, DVDs, music learning software, etc. Select a quality method based on your personal preference and with good customer reviews. This will give you better results and will keep you motivated.

Note: Practicing a lot different music patterns alone will enable you to learn music notes a lot faster and more accurately. If you’re playing just for fun, you can learn basic sheet music chords.

Music is and art and a discipline, so if you want to achieve significant results, you need to practice regularly. You’ll avoid a lot of disappointments and wasted time if you learn music notes using a quality method with proven results and the best one suited for your needs.