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How to Play Piano In A Flash

play piano in a flash

Want to Play Piano In A Flash?


The goal behind this “Play Piano in a Flash” article is to show you a simple and practical method to learn piano tunes quickly and easily. If you’re like most students, your piano lessons have been based on classical music. If, on the other hand, you’re about to start learning piano, chances are you don’t want to start with a traditional classical instruction.

Most piano students never reach a satisfactory level of proficiency and/or give up learning, because reading all those notes is hard. In order to play piano in a flash, you need a method that uses a minimal amount of note reading. This method should also contain the very basic elements necessary to play your favorite music. So, if you want to learn popular style piano, and play your favorite music in the fastest and easiest way possible, this guide is for you!

Basic Elements to Play Piano in a Flash

Here are the 3 necessary and easy steps to learn piano quickly:

1. The right hand plays a melody line with only one note at a   time, instead of 2 or more notes at once

2.   The left hand plays simple chords based on chord symbols

3.   The use of a “fake book” to learn songs using these two elements

Note: If you’ve never had any musical instruction, you need to learn the basics of music notation so you can follow this guide.  You can find this information in any beginner’s piano or keyboard book.

Right Hand – You need to learn the position of the first 25 keys (including the black keys) on the treble clef. Starting from middle C (the C closest to the middle of your keyboard), all the way up to the 2nd C above middle C. In order to make this process easier, learn the first 13 keys and later the remaining 12.

Left Hand – Learning chords and their symbols not only will help you to play piano in a flash, it will make your left hand an automatic easy part when playing your favorite songs. Start by learning a few basic chords and their corresponding symbols.

Study them in groups of 3. For instance, start with the C, Cm, and C7 chords, then the G, Gm, and G7, etc. Get a chord chart that includes all the basic chords. (To download a FREE piano chord chart Click Here.)

Fake Books – These books have hundreds of tunes in every music style. They show the melodies of songs and the chord symbols listed above. Select a tune you like and after you’ve memorized some chords, all you have to do is learn the melody or right hand. There are plenty of fake books available online and in music stores.

The following example (a section of Jingle Bells) illustrates how you would be playing the chords using this method. The big difference is that a fake book doesn’t show the left hand or bass clef, so you just need to follow the chord symbols.

how to play piano in a flash

When you really want to play piano in a flash, you just hold the chords while you play the melody. However, once you’re ready for the next step, you can play split chords or arpeggios with your left hand. For instance, a regular C chord is C-E-G, but a split C chord would be: C, then E-G together, C, then E-G together, etc.

how to play piano in a flash

If you prefer a C chord arpeggio, you’d play one note at a time: C, then E, then G, C, then E, then G, etc.

how to play piano in a flash

This is the easiest way for you to play piano in a short time. Learning how to read single note melodies and memorizing the corresponding chords for your left hand is all it takes for you to play piano in a flash.