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Looking for free piano chords? A chord chart is a very useful tool, particularly if you’re a beginner piano player. Chords provide the basis and structure of your piano playing. The more you learn about chords, the easier will be for you to play many styles of music.

Your Free Piano Chords Chart

The free piano chords available for you to download include the basic major, minor and seventh chords. After you memorize many chords you’ll be able to cover other music areas such as: playing from a fake book, writing songs, piano accompaniment, improvisation, arranging, etc.


Pretty much all popular music, regardless of the style, shows the chord symbols on the staff. If you take a look at a classical piano piece, you’ll notice there are no chord symbols above the notes. Of course classical composers used chords and harmonies as the basis of their music, but it wasn’t customary then to write chord symbols.

Even today, you’ll discover that many people play classical music, and sometimes popular music, with little or no knowledge of chords. This is because they’re playing the notes exactly the way they appear on the sheet music. However, these free piano chords will get you started, and when you know how to play piano chords, a whole new world opens before you!

Free Piano Chords | Importance of Chords

Some time ago, I received a phone call from a woman saying that her teenage son heard me play piano at a private reunion, and he got my phone number from a friend. She wanted to know if I could play piano accompaniment for her son for his upcoming recital. She sounded desperate “I’ve asked 3 teachers if they could accompany my son on the saxophone, but they said they can’t do it”.

I thought it was very strange that none of the teachers could play along with her son. After I met with the mother she showed me the sheet music of the two popular songs planned for the recital. They were what we call lead sheets, in other words, sheet music with only the melody and the chord symbols above the melody notes, no left hand notes.

The reason why none of the teachers could play the accompaniment is because, although they knew how to play piano chords, they didn’t know how to use them in an accompaniment. In other words, they couldn’t do an arrangement based on chords (more about this on future lessons). As you learn more of these free piano chords, you’ll see how resourceful chords can be.

I realize that you probably are not at this stage yet, but I just wanted to give you an example of the many possibilities available to you once you become proficient with your chords. These free piano chords are basic chords, and later on I’ll include a more complete chart in case you want to learn play chords on piano for more advanced players.

Free Piano Chords | A Good Ear Helps

If you were blessed with a special ear for music, then it will be easier for you to learn chords and you’ll appreciate even more the importance and advantage of having this chord knowledge to improve your piano playing.

For now, just focus on mastering the chords on this free piano chord chart and you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs. One of the fastest ways to learn piano is learning a good number of chords and knowing how to read the melody notes. So, start practicing these free piano chords and have fun with your music!