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Easy Pop Piano Music


Benefits of Easy Pop Piano Music

easy piano pop musicUsing the proper easy pop piano music is the easiest and fastest way for you to learn new piano songs. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to read piano music, learning chord symbols will save you many hours of practice. Learning these chord symbols is like learning shorthand for your left hand, and once you memorize a few of them, you’ll be able to play many songs in a short time.

Easy Pop Piano Music Using Chord Symbols

A chord symbol is a music notation that uses letters and/or numbers (F, G7, Dm) to name all the music chords. You’ll find these symbols even on beginner pop piano music. There are lots of “fake books” which show the melodies of songs and the chord symbols listed above.

Here’s an easy step process to play popular easy piano music:

– Get a Fake Book or sheet music with the chord symbols written above the melody

– Get a chord book or chord chart with basic chords

– Select a song you like and learn the chords well.

– Learn the melody well

– Play both hands together

Note: You should learn inversions that are close to each other, so your left stays around the same area of the keyboard.

Here´s an easy pop piano music example of “Love Me Tender” played with chord symbols:

easy pop piano music

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easy pop piano music

I put the bass clef to show you how the chord inversions are close to one another. However, with a fake book, you only need the melody line and chord symbols. Once you learn a song fairly well, you can add rhythmic patterns to the left hand as a fill-in, particularly in areas where the melody has long notes.

You should start learning the basic chords of the common keys/scales used in most popular music. The basic chords for the most common keys are:

Key of C: C, F, G7, D7, Fm

Key of G: G, C, D7, A7, Cm

Key of F: F, Bb, C7, G7, Bbm

Key of Bb: Bb, Eb, F7, C7, Ebm

When you learn chord symbols, you’re learning note patterns. You don’t have to spend time learning the left hand as it’s written on regular sheet music and this will allow you to focus on your right hand. Set a goal of memorizing 25 to 30 chords and gradually keep learning new ones. Regular sheet music becomes easier when you learn many chords based on their symbols. Then, you’ll be able to build a long repertoire of your favorite easy pop piano music a lot faster.