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Easy Piano Songs – Downloads

best easy piano songsPerhaps you’re wondering what are the best easy piano songs to learn? Now that you’ve covered the basic piano instruction, you’re probably ready to start playing familiar easy tunes. We have a few famous easy piano songs available such as: “Chopsticks”, “The Entertainer”, “Jingle Bells” and more. All these pieces are all ideal for beginning piano and keyboard players. (To download the songs, click on the image)

Best Easy Piano Songs


Depending on your skill level it’s not always easy to find the best easy piano songs to get started. Some pieces may be too hard, others too easy, or you may not like the choices available. Either way, it’s better to start with any song as long as it is within your level. Remember that the more you develop your piano skills, the easier it will be to find a wider selection to choose from.

Best Easy Piano Songs Guide

When choosing from the best easy piano songs, your favorite song may not be your best option. You should start with the easiest song within your level and gradually move up to more challenging pieces. Start by learning the right hand a few times until you can play it well and with a steady rhythm. Then learn the left hand, and finally play both hands together. If you try to play both hands at the same time, it will take you longer; you’ll make more mistakes and probably will get more frustrated.

Patience is a key factor in your piano practicing and it will pay off if you apply it properly and regularly. Learning music is a discipline and you need to treat it as such. Try to practice the same days and at the same time as much as possible, this will help you to develop a good practice routine and see positive results faster.

Today, more than ever, it’s possible to teach yourself and play the best easy piano music, however don’t forget to use an easy piano lessons book or online course as your guide. Learning and practicing piano in a proper and organized manner is the best way to achieve your musical goals. These courses and tutorials guide you step by step, clarifying any doubts you may have and avoiding the development of bad habits that you may not be aware of.

Playing The Best Easy Piano Songs

As you practice through these best easy piano songs, remember to use the correct fingers and hand position. In some of these songs you can keep your hands in one position. Other famous easy piano songs require you to move your hands up and down in different positions, particularly the right hand. Playing the pieces you like is a great incentive to keep practicing and improving your piano skills.

I hope you enjoy these best easy piano songs that we have made available for you.