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On Wenlock Edge, Recorded in 1917

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Sep 28, Piano exercises for beginners

Piano exercises and how they can help you develop strength and flexibility at the piano. Source: I HEAR A SWEET VOICE CALLING IJOHN I JUST CAN T HELP BELIEVIN I JUST CAN T MAKE IT BY MYSELF I LOVE ONLY ONE GIRL Related Blogs Leadership Exercises That Increase Productivity and Quality | MBAs … … Continue reading

How to build chord extensions on the guitar

One of the coolest ways to create an entirely different feel for a song, and really add a depth of character to your rhythm playing, is to use extended chords. Adding a thirteen, or a nine can open the possibility range of creating new emotional changes and more to your playing! In this video you … Continue reading


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Make Beats With The Use Of Your Computer

If you are a music lover and would be just love to create your very own song with some great music, then you can learn how to make your own beats. You can make your own music beats right on the computer.GOOD ROCKIN TONIGHT GOOD TIME CHARLIE S GOT THE BLUES Related Blogs Highlights from … Continue reading

Sep 29, Chords R Me

Hi everyone, I’m enjoying myself here and thought I’d share a little that might inspire another. I’m 73 going on 29 with newly found enthusiasm to pursueTHERE AIN T NOTHING LIKE A SONG THERE GOES MY EVERYTHING THERE IS NO GOD BUT GOD THERE IS SO MUCH WORLD TO SEE THERE S A BRAND NEW … Continue reading

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How to play “Money” by Pink Floyd on an acoustic guitar

Want to play an unplugged version of Pink Floyd’s "Money"? See how it’s done with this free video guitar lesson, which presents a complete breakdown of the song and its chords in tab notation. While this tutorial is geared toward those who already have some knowledge of the guitar, players of all skill level should … Continue reading

Oct 1, Time Signatures In Music Explained

Understanding time signatures is something you should be enthused about. These free online piano lesHEART OF ROME HEARTS OF STONE HEARTBREAK HOTEL HE LL HAVE TO GO HELP ME Related Blogs Online Piano Lessons ? Drawbacks Simple Piano Lessons Keyboard Crash Course: From Piano to Keyboards in 60 Minutes or … Online Piano Lessons – … Continue reading

Make Beats Computer Software – Sonic Producer

If you want to make beats, computer software can be either expensive or difficult to use. However, Sonic Producer is neither and it works like a dream. Find out more inside.I M LEFT YOU RE RIGHT SHE S GONE I M MOVIN ON I M NOT THE MARRYING KIND I M SO LONESOME I COULD … Continue reading