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Beginning Piano for Adults

beginning piano for adults

Beginning Piano for Adults Guide


This article covers beginning piano for adults, so you can learn faster using any adult piano course and play your favorite songs the easiest way possible. If you’re like most adult piano students, you’re not planning to give piano recitals; you just want a simplified guide to learn only what you need from an adult method so you can play the music you like.

Although you may feel “you’re too old to learn”, as an adult piano student you have advantages over children. You have a stronger motivation to learn because you’re doing it voluntarily. You know precisely what you want to learn and you’re more likely to practice regularly. You’re more anxious to achieve your musical goals, and you’ll probably learn more thoroughly and retain the knowledge longer than a child.

You’ll find that any typical piano teacher or course based on beginning piano for adults will tend to cover many aspects of music theory, finger exercises, etc., but in reality what you want is just the necessary knowledge to play and enjoy the songs you really like. From my own experience as a teacher, like most adult piano students you want to:

  • Learn pieces in the fastest and easiest way possible
  • Play pieces you’ve heard before
  • Play simplified versions of those songs
  • Spend very little time learning scales and unnecessary theory
  • Play just for fun and enjoyment


Beginning Piano for Adults Tips

Here’s a statement that you usually won’t find in courses teaching beginning piano for adults: “One of the easiest and fastest ways for you to play piano is to learn chords”. Once you learn a few basic chords and the melody notes for the right hand, you’ll be on your way to play the songs you enjoy. Here you can start by learning a few basic chords well. You can download a complete chart FREE which shows of all the basic chords on a visual piano keyboard. To get it, go to Free Piano Chords Download.

Now that you have a piano chord chart, the next step is to purchase a songbook with the music you’d like to play. Methods based on beginning piano for adults have very few songs, so you can look for piano books in a music store or online.  Make sure that the book has simple melodies, in other words, melodies with only one note at a time. There are songbooks with 2 or 3 notes in some sections of the melody. Songs arranged like this will be hard for you to play and you may even get discouraged.

Beginning Piano for Adults Book


An excellent choice for you would be a “fake book” which shows the melodies of songs and the chord symbols listed above. Within this site you can see an example of “Love Me Tender” played using chord symbols and a single melody line. Go to How to Play Piano in a Flash. Here you’ll find examples and more information about learning songs fast.

If you’re interested in learning more theory and piano skills, you can always get it from books or courses targeting beginning piano for adults. The important thing is that now you have the basic information needed to play piano in a flash. Now you’re closer to performing your favorite piano music following a simple beginning piano for adults plan!