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Beginners Piano Lessons Tips

beginners piano lessons

Choosing Beginners Piano Lessons


There are many ways to start beginners piano lessons, depending on your skill level, age, musical aptitude, time available and goals. This beginners piano lessons guide will help you define your goals and find a piano course or method based on your needs.

What Kind of Beginners Piano Lessons?

Generally speaking, piano students fall under one of these types:

a) Piano is a hobby, I just want to learn some easy songs and have fun

b) I don’t want to bother reading notes, and play piano by ear

c) I want to reach decent piano skills even if it takes me at little longer

d) I want to study music seriously and I’m willing to set aside enough practice time

If you’re a type a) or b) student, you can teach yourself piano using one of the methods we recommend throughout this site and it would be up to you to have a teacher occasionally for more guidance and feedback. Most people going online to get information on beginners piano lessons want to learn piano on their own.

Some piano learning programs specialize on teaching using popular and/or contemporary songs, others on playing by ear, etc. Find the best one suited for your student type. For some suggestions, CLICK HERE.

If you’re a c) type student, then you could start with a good course you can follow, and as your piano playing improves, you should consider occasional lessons in order to polish your skills and correct some bad habits you may develop.

Finally, if you’re a type d) student, you could start with one of these programs, but definitively are going to need the guidance of a music teacher. Using a good piano method can complement your piano instruction.

Beginning Piano Lessons

Are you one of those who started taking beginners piano lessons but got disappointed and quit? You probably took the wrong approach or were not realistic about your musical goals. If your piano learning experience is boring, is because either you’re in the wrong category from the ones mentioned above, or you’re following an outdated method that it’s not easy enough to understand and fun enough to follow.

Sheet Music for Beginners

Did you know that some of the newer beginners piano lessons and courses use popular and/or contemporary songs? Did you know there are websites where you can get FREE sheet music for beginners? On these sites you’ll find songs from your favorite performers, movies, classical or seasonal songs.

Here are some sites where you can find FREE sheet music:

The Internet offers you new and improved ways to learn piano or keyboard. Today there are some innovative systems where you can learn through pictures, videos and other visual aids. These modern beginners piano lessons and courses use the latest technology which allows you to learn songs faster, easier and have more fun.

I’ve been playing and teaching piano for over 25 years, and I wish I had a small fraction of these resources when I started. However, now you have fewer excuses to put off learning piano, and many more resources available for your beginners piano lessons and enjoy the music you love.