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My name is Frank Mena and I’ve been teaching piano, and electronic keyboard for over 20 years. During this time, I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge about the most common challenges students face when practicing or playing piano or keyboard.

As a teacher, it’s my goal to help you play piano correctly in the easiest and fastest way possible.

For this reason, I’d like to share my knowledge with you free of charge.

Please feel free to browse through the links on this site for more information about how to play the piano, how to play piano on computer, or sign-up for my 6-part mini course below, where you’ll receive one lesson per day in your email box.

If you really want good easy piano lessons and satisfactory results, first you need to make an honest and realistic analysis about the factors that will determine your success as a piano player. This will help you avoid future disappointments when trying to reach your music goals.

Easy Piano Lessons For Beginners

In order to get you to a good start, here are some elements to consider before you begin your journey towards easy piano lessons:

Skill Level – Are you beginning piano lessons, or have you had previous instruction? Every session can be an easy piano lesson, but you need to know your skill level so you can start or continue at the proper level.

Personal Musical Aptitude – How much natural ability do you have for music? A music teacher can help you determine your skill level and aptitude.

Your Age – Learning to play the piano is easier and faster for a 12 year old than for a 35 year old. Patience and persistence can overcome many obstacles, but be realistic about your expectations.

Time Available – You need to plan a regular schedule for practice time. 20 or 30 minutes of practice five times a week is better than a single 3 hour session on Saturdays.

Realistic Goals – The amount of time you practice and a consistent schedule will determine your improvement more than anything else. A fair evaluation of the above elements will help you set realistic music goals. 

To help you make easy piano lessons possible, here you’ll find different piano learning methods, select one that you really enjoy and fulfills your needs. We have some easy songs available to get you started. To download them, click on this link Best Easy Piano Songs.

Easy Piano Lessons | Teach Yourself Piano

No doubt, you can teach yourself and have piano lessons made easy with some basic musical knowledge and guidance. We’ll recommend some sites that provide quality and effective methods. Teaching yourself allows you to learn at your own pace and review the lessons whenever you want.

Read Piano Music

If you can read piano music and know how to play piano chords, you’ll have more song books and sheet music available to choose from. Currently there are good programs that can make this process fun. You also have the option to learn music by ear, and with the right method you’ll be able to learn in a much shorter period of time.

Easy Piano Lessons Online

When you learn piano online you can practice any time you want for as long as you want. The piano learning process has become faster and more enjoyable than ever. You can find some free easy piano lessons online through a variety of audio, video, software and written texts resources.

Throughout this site you’ll find many resources and tips related to piano lessons for beginners, such as theory and practice methods, piano learning software, and DVD piano lessons.

Taking into account the above mentioned elements and selecting the piano learning method best suited for your needs, you’ll be able to have and enjoy easy piano lessons.